The world around us holds a lot of beauty within it.

Colour is one of the world beauties which God Almighty endowed us with.

A distinguished unique Language which speaks different things to different people at different times.

If we just open our eyes and ears, and listen to the sound of beauty around us, we can then truly appreciate and understand the language that every beautiful aspect in life speaks to us so as colours.

Based on that perceptual thought & high passion and evaluation of world’s beauty & in particular colours, house of colour began or launched its path and settled its strategies in the realm of real estate & world of rentals.


Why Choose Us

Concept and values

Based on the concept of colour fancy & the passion for making people's lives easier & more enjoyable, House Of Colour was established to help real estate investors & property owners achieve an adequate & successful investment in the realm of rentals while at the same time offering their potential clients or tenants a unique and quality time accommodation, whereby colour, luxury & comfort meet in one place & under one roof in the realm or world of rentals.

Mission and goals

in accordance with our goals & perceptional values, house of colour chooses its investments cautiously and works steadily n a bilateral manner with both, investors & their potential guests in order to help them both reach their optimum goals in the world of rentals.


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As the complexity of buildings to increase

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    Helping investors to Find & buy potential rental properties to invest in.

    ▪️ Evaluating the property & determine accurate rental costs.

    ▪️ performing the civil work necessary on the behalf of the investor in case of new properties or unfinished ones.

    ▪️ Developing or enhancing the interior of the investors’ property in-order to meet the company’s conceptual values & interior standards & achieve a more aesthetically and functionally pleasing environment for the  tenants

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